Pork Chops for Fall Break!

“Anahi, I want a job that involves dancing salsa, drinking wine, cooking and baking all the time…”
“May, I am pretty sure that’s called marrying a rich guy.”

Well, hopefully, there is a better option than hypergamy, or marrying-up, to be able to dance salsa, drink wine, cook and bake. In fact, I think I have been doing it a lot on weekends and during this fall break. Today, without employing any recipe or planning ahead, we ended up with a delicious meal that left us all fuzzy-warm inside. With creamy pork chops, toasted baguette and a bowl of fresh salad, the only thing missing was good wine.

I searched for pork chop recipes online but one or two key ingredients were always missing. So I simply made do with some salt, paprika and cajun seasoning, and fried them at medium temperature. There were leftover cherry tomatoes we got from this nice flower lady at Farmers Market. When the pork chops were about to be done, the halved cherry tomatoes went into the frying pan, along with leftover organic heavy whipping cream. Sprinkle some thyme and basil for added flavor.

My Ecuadorian friend Anahi says the taste of milk in the pork reminds her of home. Being a sucker for all things Latina, I proudly told her that maybe it’s the little Latina inside me acting up. By the time baguette with melted mozzarella was done, it was already 2:30pm! I love college.