Philadelphia's Magic Garden!

Myanmar Market Intelligence by Yan James Aung is a delight to catch up on country-specific news and trends, often packed with a healthy dose of rare data. An entrepreneur at heart, Yan works at MMRD Nielson.

Zach’s blog, Square Inch Anthropology, was conceived in Yangon, but has taken on a whole new international journal as Zach jumps from one continent to another. Highly recommended.

The Burma Side of Life – Started as a blog, this site now runs mainly on Facebook, the more popular platform in Myanmar. Htet documents bits and pieces of his life as a restaurateur of the hip Rangoon Tea House.

Eating aarti – My beautiful former housemate and her “exploration for gastronomic enlightenment”

Third Rich Pressure Cookers – Four college women completely renounce meal plans at cafeteria on a mission to learn to cook. Cooking in the context of college stresses and limited experience inspire the name Pressure Cookers.

Molly Wizenberg -She met her husband through her food blog and now they have opened a restaurant together.

Candy Gurus – Check out their motto – we may be sour but we know our sweets. Yum.

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    • My blog is up on an expat site? I had no idea. This blog is actually defunct since I’ve not been able to find time for blogging since I graduated. Thank you for your kind comment and welcome to Yangon! I live in Yangon and will be happy to meet you or even find you a house broker if you need one!


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