#SolarPumped at Proximity Designs

Three years ago, a humanitarian relief group tested a solar pump up in the Dry Zone of Myanmar.  Back then, this particular solar pump cost US$10,000. There was no hope for scale.

Fast forward. 15.10.15

Today, Proximity Designs launches what is being claimed as the world’s first affordable solar pumps, with a flow rate of 100 liters per minute and a suction of 50 feet of ground water.  The product is beautifully designed, packaged and marketed, and one kit includes solar panels, a pump and portable, sun-tracking accessories.

Lotus (Padonmar) is the name of this product, currently being priced at US$350.  This is comparable to US$250 Chinese diesel pumps available in Myanmar market.  Since I had to leave before Q&As, I’m not sure if this US$350 covers production or distribution costs.  Will probably read about this somewhere.

What a lovely evening.  Great job, Proximity team!


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