Live flavorfully


This will be my motto for 2015.

Whatever job I do next year, I want to do it with purpose, knowing that the skills I am learning will help me move onto my next step, no matter how small, boring or insignificant the task at hand may seem, be it applying a business licence, stuffing envelopes or bargaining for a good package from a vendor. Everybody else will have opinions. How Wall Street types think of nonprofit careers, what social activists think about my corporate job, what investment analysts think about sales and marketing teams, or what operational guys will think of a social media strategist … artificial demarcations with all these types and tendencies matter little to me now. I want to try a little bit of everything while I am unattached with a lot of room to explore still.

Whoever I hang out with next year, I want to be present. Productivity matters less than presence. Chilling triumphs getting worked up at little details. Patience is cool. Schedule only one event in one evening, so that people I am with will not feel shorted. I want to stroll along aimlessly, instead of having to know the plan and schedule even on weekends. I want to be genuine with people without being mean, which is to say that I will at least attempt to be open even to the ones I cannot connect with, instead of staying aloof with them. I want to forgive more and reconnect with former friendships to an operational extent, instead of denying their former significance. This is no one’s fault. People grow out of jobs, friends, lovers and cities, and this is okay.

Whatever I consume in 2015, I want to consume it with integrity. This means I will bring a mug to the coffee counter, but will try to consume coffee more responsibly. Chances are I probably do not need a fourth coffee at 4 o’clock in the evening. Consuming with integrity also means owning up to oneself. Hypocrisy is when I make fun of people drinking bottled sparkling water and secretly buy a bottle at the back of City Mart when my colleagues are not around. (Hope they are not reading this). Consumption with integrity encompasses more than food and extends to consumption of news and social media. Clicks, likes, re-tweets, shares and hypes should carry certain responsibility. Unfortunately, junk will almost always get more clicks and likes. Refusal of junk is a job in and of itself.

I want to live more compassionately, authentically and openly. This is my motto for the New Year.

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