An Exiled Woman’s Mansion

As if the death of her late husband was not enough, this woman had to flee her home in Mandalay to escape the wrath of his other wife and children.  She moved to a city 500 miles away from home, away from her “family” who wanted her head, and built her sanctuary, this beautiful teak and brick mansion overlooking Salween River in Mawlamyine / Moulmein, then capital city of British Burma. Somewhere circa 1866.

I do not blame her for wanting to escape palace dramas, probably rife with petty politics and incompetence. The mansion life seems like a much finer choice. One can only imagine the grandeur of the structure which has seen better days.

This is the state of Queen Sein Don’s private mansion today, being used as a monastery.  Don’t you just love the gleeful Anglo angels in a Buddhist compound?


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