But it is full-on monsoon!



A Midsummer Night’s Dream at Yangon’s Strand Hotel. Possibly the first or second public Shakespeare play performed in Myanmar since Hamlet at Yangon City Hall back in 50s.

We had some good laughs. Had a glass or two. Checked out who showed up with which arm candies and said hi to colleagues and strangers. It makes for an easy Friday night but the play is nothing but a collage of some seriously sad love affairs and uncomfortable pairings dressed up in comedic tones and a happy ending.

“The course of true love never did run smooth”?

Is it hard because it is real? Or is it hard because it is wrong? On behalf of all those couples who wasted time and energy sticking to failing romances, I want to officially blame Shakespeare.

That said, Zoncy is a wonderfully talented artist. She played Titania tonight and her art work is currently on exhibition at TS1 Yangon. Worth checking out!

Lots of things to see this week. The usual Open Mic Night at Nawaday was on Saturday. Human Rights Film Festival just ended. It was nice to have caught a few minutes of the award-winning documentary from Tagu Productions.

Yangon is fun and hectic again.

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