Sunday, Art Day

It is officially monsoon in Yangon!  No more half-assed Thingyan showers.  Full on rain pouring down on blocked sewage and the low land of Yangon.  It is quite a nasty scene in downtown grids and the low part of Golden Valley during monsoon.

Rain makes today the best day to go gallery-hopping around town. I get to check “Spend an entire day visiting art galleries in Yangon” off my three-year long bucket list while helping my colleague Carlos to select some paintings for his new apartment. This young man scanned the entire digital library at Pansodan. Don’t underestimate.

There are definitely three galleries I would make a point to visiting in Yangon. Our gallery-hopping took us four hours today, starting with a Kachin lunch at Pyay Way’s Nawaday Tharlar Gallery, stopping by U Aung’s Pansodan Scene and original Pansodan Gallery for coffee, and ending with Gill’s River Art II behind the office of Inland Water Transport.

A rainy Sunday well-spent, where the comfort of art shelters one from thunder storms out the window.


A Peaceful Summer by Myat Kyawt


I would travel


Pansodan Scene


Is this little girl part of the exhibition?


Where lots happen

3 thoughts on “Sunday, Art Day

  1. I had been waiting for Pansodan Scene to open and it finally did while I was away. Not being able to go gallery-hopping whenever I feel like is one of the reasons I wish I lived in downtown. Unfortunately, I’m still the younger daughter who needs to be driven around by parents and it takes about 30 mins from my home.
    I’m gonna make sure to check out the other two galleries you mentioned. Thanks for the update! Yay for the revived Myanmar art scene!


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