The Taste of America, with Penkman’s prints

I am a huge fan of Joel Penkman.

Her images are minimalistic and impactful. The content she works with serves as a quiet statement of everyday changes that have accrued over time to become part of a different being.

Her new set of 125 prints were used in the relatively new book The Taste of America by Coleman Andrews, who is better remembered (to me) as one of Ruth Reichl’s former lovers.

America, I miss you a ton these days.

Or rather, eighteen months is a long time to be living in one city. I am growing roots and settling down now here. This is becoming my life.


Five Yangon bars where you run into people who recognize you or who you recognize. This same coffee shop. Regulars to a handful of different cafes where waiters know you and your father, even though you are nobody big. The same route, with the same traffic. The urban tribes, and the tribal mentality. The incestuousness of tribal dating in a city of six million residents. The bling. The lack of anonymity, without the benefits of fame. This un-inspiration.

But the political scene is dynamic, economy is interesting. New things unfold everyday. The landscape changes every morning. New constructions. Old buildings. The fluidity. This flow of information. That fear of missing out. The drug to sooth the relentless curiosity. A cat.

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