Have your art and eat it too…

Living in Myanmar means you find out about these things a month too late.  But the pastry chef of the Blue Bottle Coffee Company at SFMOMA, Caitlin Freeman recently published a new recipe book that seems to have been a bit of a sensation.

I wasn’t surprised, however, to find out that her initial inspiration came from none other than Wayne Thiebaud. She named one of her earliest items on her menu in his honor and spoke of him as follows: “I wasn’t really sure what I loved about [Thiebaud’s painting], but I really just became obsessed with cakes.


Thiebaud’s Cakes 1963

Freeman’s Cakes 2013

This is what Freeman has to say at the end of the project:

Throughout this process, I’ve realized there are some things you simply can’t plan for.  I never would have predicted that I’d be making these modern arts desserts years ago, so I’m just letting things happen as they may.  You have to be open to waiting and seeing what comes.  The most amazing things that have happened to me are things I didn’t push or plan for.