Summer begins!

Partial power cuts have begun.  Water is running dry at hydroelectric dams.  And it’s getting extremely hot and humid, as if Yangon is in an oven.  As I continuously fan myself (the ACs are not working), I keep murmuring to self: welcome back to my first real summer in Myanmar in three years!  It’s not going to be fun.

Summers for Asian kids are not really a time to chill.  The heat strangely reminds me of all the summer classes I had to take as a child – piano, swimming, badminton, language and art classes, which were not covered by my government school that I attended all my life.

This summer, I am going to keep myself busy so that I stay in line with this tradition.  I am going to start a pre-intermediate English course for adults.  There are a lot of language classes that cater to the youth but professionals in Yangon are also trying to polish their English as they meet incoming foreign companies keen on forging partnerships with local entities.  That segment is my market.

So tell your friends and colleagues to sign up.  We will cover lots of fun things and even take an excursion to a local coffee shop turned language exchange place.  This course is my baby project right now because it brings a distinct flavor to my full-time job and also helps finance my upcoming travel plans.  The fee may seem slightly more than an average summer English program but as everyone knows, you cannot get a real Louis Vuitton with 35 bucks.







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