Margherita pizza

NOT-Margherita pizza @Sharky's

NOT-Margherita pizza @Sharky’s

Dear famed Restaurant Sharky’s,

How is this Margherita?  It is a cheese & tomato pizza I’m afraid.

If I had paid a good amount of money and put aside a whole afternoon, I would want the restaurant to actually put effort into making some tomato sauce.  The thing about fine dining is that I don’t get it.  And when it comes to ordering pizzas at fine-diningish places, be very wary.  They can stray a little too far from the original term that gets printed on the menu and serve you something totally different, deconstructed-this and reinterpreted-that.  But then again, where else can you order a pizza in Myanmar?

Now that is what a real Margherita looks like.

The more I look at it, the more serious I get about this: I must somehow get an oven and learn to make my own pizza. In Myanmar.  It won’t be Lombardi’s but it will be a Margherita.

Margherita pizza @ Lombardi's

Margherita pizza @ Lombardi’s

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