Camera Obscura

Two blog posts in two days in a row?  Woah.  Must have outdone myself.  It’s been just one of those I-hate-moving-back-to-Myanmar-and-blast-Camera-Obscura-all-day kinda day.

If anyone of you young, female and Burmese professionals living abroad are thinking about moving back into the country, don’t.  Or come absolutely prepared to live like a 12-year-old and in the process, give up your individual expression and personal space.  Live with curfews and travel restrictions.  Your family trusts you but can’t entertain the possibility of any gossip about you, and asks you to live by the expectations of others. Why did they send you to college in the first place? Oh wait, they didn’t want to, and asked you to find your own scholarship.

Somewhere in a recent Economist says that the tech boom will take place in Latin America.  Time to brush up your Spanish.

Camera Obscura is a pretty good band, and especially so when you are feeling blue at work with two deadlines pestering at you.


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