Fire Island

One of the advantages of living in New York City is the ability to visit surrounding beaches completely off the train. One such destination is the Fire Island, which is only a ferry ride away from Long Island. There are about five beaches on Fire Island and the one we went to is called Ocean Beach.

From Penn station, we took an LIRR train to Bay Shore, from which we took a four-dollar shuttle (it’s called David Brothers shuttle) to the Fire Island Ferry terminal. If you are going to two other beaches slightly further east on the same island (e.g. Fire Island Pines), take the train two more stations down and get off at Sayville station and take a different ferry. Remember to bring cash because cards may not be accepted in some places. You can buy tickets on the spot and don’t need to make reservations ahead of the time.

After a train and a ferry ride comes the beautiful island beach. The pier sits on the north side, along with ocean front dining establishments. On the south shore are the beach homes, life guards, sun-bathers and even some yogis.

The place I stayed is a cute, modest inn called Clegg’s Hotel, about six steps away from the ferry terminal. Come to think of it, owning a vacation inn on Ocean Beach would be such a great occupation for a retiree. The grandma version of me will make hangover breakfasts and serve them to the tourists there to escape Manhattan. All these blue walls and paintings of shells and small streets filled with walking tourists in the summer will be more than what anyone could ask for. Apparently, people live on Fire Island all year round. I do not want to imagine how desolate and lonely the island could get in the winter though.

My dear reader, happy late summer!







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