Exquisite Corpse, but Interfaith

Exquisite Corpse is a game that writers and poets sometimes play to gain inspiration. On my weekend Interfaith backpacking trip to South Mountains State Park, my nine lady friends and I sketched around some words by the bonfire before bed. The photo credit goes to Miss Jessie B. Enjoy.

It is the dearth of inspiration that causes loneliness.
Yet inspiration is all around me – if only I could access it.
I search into the sky; down into my heart
Both hold great treasures
One the treasure of becoming an amoeba
The other the treasure of friends.
I cried when you left like smoke in a closed room.
Haven’t been this alone, or this FREE, in a long while
And a bag of apples; the giant, fresh,
Organic and locally grown kind.
Apples make the world go around;
Newton proved it.