God: inspired in solitude?

Created in God’s image, man is as alone as He is. And yet: man may and must hope; he must rise to the challenge, transcend himself until he loses – or finds himself. Only God is condemned to eternal loneliness. Only God is truly, irreducibly alone….

…And all of a sudden you think of God, in His heavenly and luminous loneliness, and you feel like weeping. For Him and over Him….He too begins to weep, until your tears and His come together and merge like two melancholy solitudes, thirsting for fulfillment.

These are Elie Wiesel’s words. Since I am not reading the whole work, I am oblivious as to where Wiesel found his inspiration or how he coped with Auschwitz. I am assuming it was not God, because he said earlier that something has “murdered my God.”

Sometimes, when you are lonely, it’s not at all because of a lack of company. Rather, it’s the dearth of inspiration that causes solitude. Where did God receive His inspiration? What inspired Wiesel? Earlier in the student Union, someone asked me, “Where do you find your energy?”

I am finally seeing why the concept of God seems so appealing. It’s because of the inevitable crisis of not having any role model to look up to. By sixteen, childhood heroes have shed their oh-so-pure auras. By twenty-one, they have all dissolved. It turns our universes upside down, but that’s what happens. What liberal arts education adds to is then precluding some people from worshiping any person or concept in its entirety, while equipping them with tools to maintain some faith in humanity. In certain cases, one becomes capable of devoting oneself only in a cause, which essentially means issues, or problems one sees with this world. Personally, this means, my seemingly positive and sunny energy that people often comment upon, is actually born out of a negative void.

Thus the reactionary inspirations continue deep into the night, stemming not out of persons or convictions, but out of issues. Someone said this to me two years ago, before the encroaching deadline for declaring majors. In retrospect, that was inspiring, wasn’t it?

Science is not going to change entrenched opinions. That’s a matter of effective public policy-making, not only involving an awareness of the science and issues, but also the ability to come up with plans to address the issues as well as the capacity to sell those plans to the public. I’d push you towards political science or economics at this point.

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