Baking with Beirut

It’s an old, familiar story, too banal to be true. Saturday morning. I sat down with my book and music ready. Could not concentrate. Excused myself for a mug of coffee Jessie made me. Tried telling myself, “Concentrate!” … “use The Force!” Honestly, who can possibly not be psyched about South East Asian ethnocides, right?

Yet, my fragile will power failed me. By three, I found myself camped out in the north kitchen, for an afternoon of indulgence in Beirut, and the long-awaited baking of the chocolate lava cake.

Of course, as usual, I tweaked the Food Network recipe a tiny bit. Instead of using chocolate chips, I used Ghirardeli baking chocolate bars. When I coated the muffin pan, I also sprinkled some coffee blend onto the pan-melted butter, before pouring the batter in, so that the espresso will give an edgy bitter taste that contrasts the rest of the volcano muffin.

Nevertheless, though the recipe calls for only ten, eleven minutes of baking, I left the pan in the oven a little longer. The end result was a fudgy, solid core, instead of a moist one that I was aiming for. Oh well, maybe next week.


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