The First Meal

The first of a series of weekly community dinners at the Eco-House begins with home-made kale and sausage pizzas, Caesar salad, fruits and some sweet Riesling: simple, hearty and familiar. The only vegetarian member of the house, Amy is quite delighted that we discovered a website dedicated to kale, called 365 days of kale, where kale is “more than decoration” on the plate. I guess, we will be seeing more kale dishes at Eco-House dinners.

We started cooking as early as five in the evening, way two hours ahead of the dinner time. In fact, we put the pizza dough made with some flat beer in the bread machine since early afternoon. As usual, at dinner, we had one question, though at this time, it was not as awkward, intimate or sexual as is usually the case. The question was, if you were to die the next day, what would your last meal be?

Mine would be a soft, buttery croissant, paired with some green grapes, a glass of orange juice and a cup of warm coffee. That’s all I ask. And yes, of course, the sausage pizza and Caesar salad also make up a real person’s favorite gastronomy wish.

Eat well, till we meet again!

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