I am not joking if I told you that I have gained more than ten pounds since the final exams ended two weeks ago.

But fear not! A mere 12-pound weight gain will not deter yours-truly from more gastronomical indulgence, or exile me into the dreadful realm of dieting. So long as I can slip into my petite size-zero dresses, the show must go on! After all, the extra calories stored over the winter will keep me going once the busy semester begins, and once I fall back into my regular “eating” and “sleeping” patterns. So, my holiday food adventure continues…

Here in Boston, thirty minutes before the new year countdown, we just finished playing baby ping pong on the kitchen table. God bless the new mini ping pong set recently purchased from the Quincy Market … for it has done priceless service to the four of us that have been quite sedentary for the past couple of days from being snow-trapped in the Boston blizzard.

If I were to choose a place to be snow-trapped, I would still choose this house over and over again. In addition to tons of DVDs and Call of Duty, there’s tons of food to endure a million more blizzards. Of course, it helps that the family that we’re staying with loves food as much as we do. The meals are elaborate, served in abundance and always matched with a glass of wine or an alcoholic mix. The father still works on weekends for the same bar he’s been working at for the past thirty years, just for the heck of it. His love of food and wine can not be overstated.

The only rule for the break, and the sole responsibility at this household is to get fed like baby-pigs. We are not allowed to even load or unload the dishwasher. Quite a break from the kitchen situation at the Eco-House? No doubt.

It’s the final half an hour of Twenty Ten … my dear reader, Happy 2011!

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