Sunday jokes

Suspicion fills the air. I can smell my own vulnerability. Like the state of Peru in 1980s, there is no concept of trust between my host brother and hermanitas that I live with. Next thing you know, you will be the target of a practical joke. Especially today, we had a war.

Last Tuesday, my brother Luchito came back to Arequipa. He found out the hard way that there were alarm clocks in shoe boxes, in his bed sheet and closet. They started ringing every ten minutes from 3 to 4 am. As a revenge, Luchito and his father devised a plan to gather all three girls and Lucy, our mom, in the garden while someone locks all the doors. Then, Luchito was going to throw water at us using the garden hose. When I was sick on Thursday, he told me all about the plan and asked for my cooperation. But we ended up driving to the beach.

This morning, my host brother Luchito asked me to help him clean chairs in the garden. I am sure he thought that I would have forgotten by now that this was a trap.  So I replied, “I will be back,” locked myself up in my room, and laughed at Luchito throwing two buckets of water at Caroline, my host sister as well as program assistant. I warned her this morning when Luchito decided to turn against me. Luchito promised her that he wouldn’t use the hose, he ended up using the buckets. A man of words, I like.

Then, David and Claudia wanted to put our pet monkey in Luchito’s room. The monkey escaped and they decided not to pursue their dream any further. Instead, they wanted to pour shampoo on Luchito’s head. After lunch, Caroline grabbed my hand, dragged me to my room and asked for my shampoo. I gave her my curl control lotion that I haven’t used for quite a long time. As I walked back down the corridor to the living room, Luchito grabbed my hand, dragged me back to my room and asked what we should do to Claudia. I thought it would be cool to play Claudia’s joke against herself and advised him to put Toto the monkey in her room.

Luchito reacted the pouring curl lotion by grabbing it and applying it back on us. Since he was right-handed and I was sitting on the left, I escaped. Poor Caroline got a bunch on her hair. At that moment, Claudia heard her curtains moving rapidly from her room and went, “Wait a minute.” The amazing end result was poop on Claudia’s pillow, pieces of tissue all over the room and disappearance of some raisins. A picture will come here soon.

As you can tell by now, there is a tradition at home to play practical jokes.  After each getting the curl lotion, two buckets of water and monkey’s poop, Luchito, Caroline and Claudia are planning on my downfall. Everything is fair in love, war and our jokes. I am innocent and I do not believe I have violated anyone. For sure, I have been escaping all these times. So I am being extremely cautious. Maybe I should start locking my doors! Oh what a day.

3 thoughts on “Sunday jokes

  1. OMG this is SO funny May! What a great post, and what a great writer…I had no idea that you had a blog, too! 😀

    Mucho love and good luck in the next few days. I would never wish Toto poo on anyone!


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